OSMC Crashing

Hi Dev,

First off, a novice eager to learn on this side.

I have a problem where my OSMC is crashing because of memory getting too full I guess.
The error in the logs that stands out is this:

Jan 14 19:31:03 DuppieOSMC kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 450 (kodi.bin) score 922 or sacrifice child

If there is any way you could check the logs and see if there is any way that I could go about stopping this? Adjusting the advancedsettings or anything, please let me know…

It is probably one of the add on’s, but I cannot say for sure.

It happens while streaming live content or playing from a network source… Normally navigating doesn’t cause it…

Thanks for any (all) assistance :slight_smile:

You’ll need to disable add-ons one at a time to see what’s causing the issue.

Your memory use is already quite high (435 MB used), even after the oom-killer has done its work.

Ok cool.
Let me get my system to absolutely the minimum and take it from there.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the pointers @dillthedog

Digging into things here.
I am using my Pi3 as a media center with live streaming and the occasional Convenent play.
Memory creeps up to about 75 mb free then I have a kodi addon that kicks in and clears the cache for me…

This is done simply to prevent the crashing…

My question…

Do you think I can make use of a swap file to free up more memory…
I do understand that performance might take a hit and that is OK with me as long as it does not run out of memory with my current setup…

Thanks again for your advice :slight_smile:
Ps., rumors are that the Pi4 will come with 2GB ram which would solve my problem massively… But the ETA is still out there :expressionless:

Adding swap on a Pi will generally perform badly and is likely to wear out a flash device quickly due to frequent writes. An attached disk might perform better but don’t expect miracles.

Thanks, appreciate all the help :wink: