OSMC Does Not Recognize HDD on ext3

Hello, I just installed OSMC on my RPi3, but I have a problem. I do not recognize an HDD in ext3 format, whereas a usb pen in fat32 recognizes it perfectly. What can I do to be recognized?

The Filesystem should not be a problem. Is the drive getting enough power?
Upload logs with grab-logs -J

The drive getting power of other power supply.

This is the log:


Is this your USB Stick or your harddisk
sep 26 13:38:43 RPi3 udisks-glue[408]: Successfully automounted /dev/sda1 at /media/pelis

It is my HDD, but it is very rare, before I did not recognize it. And now I get the beam of power failure, when the RPi is powered by 2.4A and the HDD by 1A

So now you can see your files on it?
Is the 2.4A a proper Pi power supply?

Yes, I can see my files now.
And no, the power supply is not a genuine Pi, it’s one of the brand iClever, but with other OS I have not had problems with the power.

Well different OS have different power demands, also power supplies can deteriorate over time. Generally it is not suggested to use a charger as a power supply

In that case, what power supply do you recommend I use to power the RPi3 (without overclocking) and a 2.5 "hdd? All this so that I do not get the lightning bolt out of power.

Thank you.

Chargers are more likely to provide inadequate voltage when under heavy load (high current), which is usually acceptable when charging a battery but can cause problems when trying to power a computer.

You need a power supply that will maintain a minimum of 5 volts when running at a load of 2.5 amps. The official Raspberry Pi PSU for the Pi 3 meets this specification, as does the power supply from the OSMC store.

It is always best to run a hard disk from a separate power supply. Powering a hard disk from the Pi’s USB port can lead to instability and a possible loss of data.