OSMC does not start in Raspberry 3B+ when I modify the config.txt to overclock the SD

I have included the following line in /boot/config.txt to overclock the SD card:

dtoverlay = sdhost, overclock_50 = 100

When I save the changes in the config.txt and restart the Raspberry 3B + I get the following message:

waiting for root filesystem

Then I have to modify the config.txt again from the PC by removing the dtoverlay line and putting the mini sd back on the Raspbeery 3B + OSMC starts without problems.

I had this same configuration in the DietPi distribution with Kodi and I never had errors of this type. In fact, overclocking the SD in DietPi, I did notice that the menu was more fluid and the skin took less time to boot.

Is it possible that the syntax I am entering in the OSMC config.txt to perform the overclock is not correct?

I have the latest OSMC version based on Kodi 18.2

Thank you.

The config.txt is part of the pi and not the operating system so it doesn’t matter what OS your using.

Not all SD cards can support this clock speed.