OSMC DVB-T2 TV dongle only receiving DVB-T in UK


I installed the DVB-T2 TV dongle sold here DVB-T2/DVB-C TV dongle - OSMC
Tvheadend on my vero4k is working fine and I have no problem setting things up, however only the dvb-t is recognised. dvb-t2 signal in the UK is live and well, so what do I need to do to receive it?


There was a similar post about this recently.

Panasonic demodulator needs to be selected in TVHeadend. It seems that this doesn’t always show in the web interface. I’m working on resolving this in a near future update.



Thanks. Is there a way to choose the correct demodulator from the shell in the meantime?

I don’t think that would work just yet because TVH won’t be able to use it. It doesn’t show because the tuner isn’t initialised correctly. I’m working on a solution.

At present the dongle works fine on the Raspberry version of OSMC but not on the Vero 4K.
It appears that the drivers in Vero 4K are either missing or not loading correctly.

Sam says he has a fix for this in the pipeline.

Where in Europe does the dongle work, or only in GB?

It will work where the country you reside in provides OTA DVB-T or DVB-T2. See DVB-T2 - Wikipedia. I believe most countries have implemented this.

Hello Sam,
thanks for your answer: Do I understand it correctly?
The dongle can bring you DVB-T2 (H.264 or H.265 / HEVC) and I need Tvhedend installed!
The dongle does not have a CI + slot for a dvb-t2 module. But CI + adapters for the dongle do not exist?
So only for countries that have no encrypted DVBT2? Cheers

Yep - the dongle doesn’t have decryption built in, not a slot for a CAM to be used with a viewing card.

In the UK we don’t have encrypted DVB-T or T2 (just a slighty odd EPG for HD services) - our services are all FTA unencrypted (unlike most of the rest of Europe where often only the national public service broadcasters are FTA)

There are - for some pay-TV platforms - ways of separately implemented CAM+CI functionality in software, but because these are often used for illegal viewing, it’s very difficult to discuss them.

Thanks Steve - now I understand it better - you are lucky guys in the UK without encryption

Did this issue get fixed for the uk buddy?
Im looking at getting a DVB-T2 stick and this one seems reasonably priced, and no doubt well supported.

Im using a Pi3 so I guess i’ll just need to hook up an antennae to it?

It works with DVB-T2 on Pi2 so will work on Pi3.

The issue doesn’t effect Pi3 so it will just work for you

Yeah sorry I kinda skimmed through the thread and didn’t notice it was just referring to the Vero, I’ll order it today.
Just to clarify, I do need to plug an antenna into this right?