OSMC + Emby sync issues


Just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue. I am running the current version of OSMC on a raspberry pi 2 and what i am running into is that after i watch a TV episode, it will be marked as watched, but after about a day or so it changes back to being unwatched. I go and manually mark the episode as watched, and again after about a day or so it will again be unwatched. I’ve tried rebooting the OSMC rasp pi, tried doing a repair of the local database as well as a full resync of the local database, but have not seen the issue resolved yet.

Also seeing issues with TV episodes not updating played status when episodes getted paused part way through.

Any ideas as to what else i could try?


Think this is more of a Emby issue did you try and contact the Emby Addon Author and the Emby Developers ?

I wasn’t to sure who to contact about it, but yes i have started a thread on the emby forum for this question.

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