OSMC external hard drive unseen

Can anyone assist me, I’m running OSMC alpha 2 but cannot see my external hard drive via my windows 8 machine like I could before. What have I missed? Also am after some info on setting a static ip after install. Cheers.

This is likely NTFS, and thus will only work in Alpha 3 and onwards when released.

For now networking must be configured during installation.

The raspberry pi can access the access the external hdd and I can watch movies etc but I cannot access the attached hard drive via my windows pc…I usually have the pi’s external drive as a mapped network drive but I am unable to do that as I can’t see the pi.

Ok, now I get your question.

In Raspbmc, we are sharing your drive via Samba. I plan to add this feature to OSMC soon, and it will be available via the App Store (doesn’t come as default to save resources). You’ll be able to configure what drives get shared and set up some basic security.



App store? Will this be in Alpha 3?
Besides from this issue and my remote (rc6) I’m having no issues with OSMC, great work.

I installed alpha4 should i be able to access my drives already from windows or not?
if it is possible how should I configure this?
thanks and great work so far, I love osmc so far.

This feature has not been added yet

Hi guys. Do you have any update on this feature? Thanks!

Yes, this feature (Samba (SMB) Server) is in the APP Store since many many months

Thank you so much! I’ve have it up and running :slight_smile: