OSMC Failed to install new packages / No Sound on reboot

Was told to post here by the crash screen.

Debug logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/zowahatosi

I was prompted to do an update, and did so, about 200mb of packages downloaded, everything looked fine, then right after the first reboot I am granted with a screen that says "OSMC failed to install new packages: "

I’m also a dumb and didn’t include this in the original post, I usually wouldn’t care but after this failure, the box puts out zero sound. No music, video still plays, just no sound.

Probably going to reimage anyways but I figure I’ll drop logs here for this awesome community.

EDIT: Problem solved by apt-get distro-upgrade twice, as well as removing any 3rd party sources. Now that I think about it, it was probably the latter that was screwing with it. Thanks guys!

You seem familiar with the CLI.

I’d try:


Will do, and will report back once done. I’ll remove moonlight, although I don’t see why it would cause too many problems and upgrade.

Update: First dist upgrade isn’t done yet, but since I’m doing this all over SSH, I checked the actual video output and it gives the “OSMC failed to install package: Unknown Package” again.

Still running the first upgrade tho, will keep you posted.

Dist Upgrade #2 done, testing soon…

Success! Back to normal with sound playing again, and all is well. If there’s any more logs I need to submit, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for helping, as trivial as it may seem, but you really are appreciated.