OSMC for Android TV boxes?

Hey Sam,

I was reading this article, as I consider upgrading from ATV1, and wondered if OSMC would be ported to any of these devices?

They all seem to use the AmLogic S802 Cortex A9. I see that some people have ported Openelec over already.

It depends if there is demand for it.


That makes sense. I might buy one and install Openelec, so if you have any need for testers later, shout out.
(Also, it looks like I was the last post on the old board.)

I would personally avoid AmLogic, but good luck…

All righty. I’ll keep researching. Maybe I’ll go with an RPi2.

Moving to Help and Support. While this is Android related, it’s about Android boxes rather than the Android operating system


I disagree, amlogic devices are cheap little beasts, much more faster and cheaper than RPi, and works pretty well with Kodi. I too would like to see OMSC support for them.

I’ve changed my mind in recent months to an extent… AML is capable hardware, but vendor provided resources are somewhat limited.

Who knows what we’ll see in the future :smile: