OSMC freezing every other day on RPi

Hello. I’ve had an issue for a few weeks: I have OSMC on a raspberry pi B 3+ (with a hifiberry HAT), and occasionally it just freezes (blank screen), and I cannot find out why. When that happens, I cannot SSH into it, and all I can do is unplug / replug, which isn’t great.

I have grabbed the logs and posted there here. However as far as I understand they are not very helpful as they only cover the time since the most recent bootup (unless I have missed something)

I am using the stock charger that came with the Pi; it’s not overclocked; and I haven’t seen any overheating / low power warning. Any suggestions please?

Thank you!

This is not related to your issue but you had some lines added to your config.txt due to a bug in the My OSMC add-on. I would recommend removing the following from that file…


In your log It looks like the last thing it did before crashing was to start the backup of your settings. You could try manually running that and see if that makes the machine crash. That would take the randomness out of the error. Could be something gone wrong with the SD or PSU has gone a bit out of spec. The RPi 3B+ is very sensitive to voltage drops and adapters will degrade over time.

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Thanks! I have deactivated the backup to see if it’s causing it. A manual run doesn’t do it (but then it’s not happening every day either, and backups are scheduled every day).
How would I know whether there is something wrong with the SD card? Something like a SMART test?

SD cards don’t have SMART. This is not something I have a lot of knowledge about but since nobody else had chimed in yet I think google is probably your friend here. I think if I was faced with needing to check mine I would probably plug it into Windows and use win32diskimager to image off the card and then use H2testw to run a full read/write scan.

I think the PSU is probably a more likely suspect but these kinds of random issues can be a real pain to figure out sometimes.

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Hello. Sorry for replying late as I was away and then trying different things.

  • Turning off the backup helped reduce the occurrence of freezes
  • I have now put a new SD card and no issues so far so indeed maybe a faulty SD card too!
    Thanks for the support!
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