OSMC / GENESIS Plugin - Stream URLs Problem

Device: Rasp Pi A
Ram: 512
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wired
Audio/Video Output: HDMI

Hi everyone.

I know this is not a OSMC bug per/se as it involves a Kodi Plugin but nevertheless I figured I could ask.

I am running the GENESIS plugin on OSMC and it runs fine. However each time I try to open a .strm link to get the list of avaiable stream urls I only seem to get a very small subset of them (5-10 urls in streams that I know that involve dozens of urls).

Moreover this limited subset seems to be different every single time I try to open the stream container. Sometimes I get 5, 6, 12, 2 urls and not event the same ones.

I was wondering if there’s anyone else with this problem.

If this topic cannot be answered due to not providing help on kodi plugins running under OSMC then my apologies and feel free to close the topic as invalid.


Per Kodi rules on kodi forum this is a banned addon no point in asking for support here or at kodi forums since we dont wanna promote piracy addons