OSMC gets stuck ( hangs ) when trying to show contents of directory

The issue you are currently experiencing with OSMC

  • Hang on entering certain video directory. ( directory: OSMC Hang Test I think it might be a file in there whois breaking the system. 64 movie files in there but cant find anything in the logs containing the directory )

What you were doing when this issue occurred

  • Trying to enter the specific directory

Whether you can replicate this issue on demand. If you can, then please provide some steps on how an OSMC developer can reproduce the same issue.

  • Yes, everytime when I enter the directory OSMC ‘hangs’ and I need to switch of the power to get it back working. Tho I can enter through SSH.

The device you are currently running OSMC on

  • Rpi 3

What peripherals are attached to the device?

  • None, only receiver is connected through hdmi.

Has this issue been introduced by a new version of OSMC? When did the issue first appear and can you recall a time when it was not present?

  • Seems introduced by one of the lastest versions, didn’t had this problem before New Year thats for sure but can’t tell exactly when it came up.

I hope someone is able to help out as its slowly becoming more and more annoying as I can’t scroll passed this directory. Thanks in advance.

My logs -> http://paste.osmc.io/nogudoseta

By what method are you browsing directories? Is it always the same directory that causes the hang?

I’m browsing through the ‘Files’ option and then just make my way to the directory. But I’ve seem to have found the problem. There was a 22GB rar file in the directory, after I moved that out of the brow-sable directories OSMC seems to be working fine again.

So its looks like it can’t handle the size or it tries to extract it or something from the file. Not sure if this counts as a bug but its nice to know that I found what caused the issue.

Do you have “extract thumbnails and video information” enabled? It would not be surprising that a low resource device would have issues when it is tasked with such an operation that would require it to extract/peer into a 22gb archive to do it.

Hmm I don’t think so, at least not for that folder, as I don’t index that folder entire folder and its contents. I do index my movie and tv-show folder including the thumbnails. After I got the issue i’ve reset everything back to defaults as at first I thought I created the bug myself.

But if it tried to do that wouldn’t it be wiser to code in a warning for super large files or some exclude option? Just a thought tho.

Well, your issue here would appear to be completely dependent on Kodi function and unlikely to be specific to OSMC. But Kodi is OpenSource and produced by volunteers so, I’m sure they would be happy to accept a pull request from anyone willing to donate such a solution. :wink:

Hehe if I could code I would help out, but that is not one of my gifts. So i’ll leave that over to the skilled folks :wink:
Thanks for your assistance ActionA