OSMC hangs up while playing movies

logs are here : http://paste.osmc.io/wamiwokese

recent hang up with an immediate spontaneous reboot right before the end of the file.
i sent the file right after the reboot.

also, sometimes screen goes blanc for 5 seconds and resumes.

all started recently, without a noticeable change.


Do you ever see a small coloured square in the top right of the screen ? (Which indicates low voltage)

Spontaneous reboot and the screen going blank for a few seconds both sound like a power issue.

Do the problems still happen if you reduce your overclock to “normal” ? You have a pretty high overclock configured there.

thanks for your quick response. i don’t see the arc rectangle.
i do see sometimes (more than before, more than i would except) working message on the bottom right side. not sure if this is related or not.

i am using RP2 with a 2100ma current power supply.

As Dbmandrake wrote did you try to put your Overclocking to Normal/Default and checked if the issue still happens?