OSMC Hard drive not being seen on Pi 1, using powered hub

Set up my old Pi 1 for my mother in law recently, and all was well watching films from a USB pen drive. I had a 120gb drive laying around, so I thought I would connect that to give her more space for films. I bought a powered usb hub and connected the drive, and set the usb max current to on as recommended in this forum. The drive spins up and its two lights are showing. Its a 2.5in sata drive in an enclosure which uses a 2nd Y cable, and both are plugged in to the hub. The only other device connected is a simple usb keyboard. The Pi is offline, no wired nor wireless connection. It is also the latest build of OSMC (April) freshly reinstalled yesterday.

The drive cannot be seen by OSMC. I’ve searched for hours for a solution to this but so far nothing has worked.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EDIT for more info: I have tried both NTFS and FAT32 file systems, same result; not being found in videos/files in OSMC or anywhere else for that matter. The drive works perfectly connected to any of our PC’s and Laptops and even my tablet via OTG cable.

Thanks again.

I have several “powered” USB hubs that, even when connected to the AC adapter, do not supply enough current through to connected devices to allow them to run. I always have to connect those devices directly to my computer. It sounds like the hub is the bottleneck.