OSMC having problems with oprtical drive!

So i been in the process of building this new box with an PRI3 MB at its core running OSMC with Kodi 16. I just got the slim slot loading optical drive in mail today for it but when i hook it up and insert a disk. It seas unsafe media and the whole system freezes in and out. What to do?? Any help would be much appreciated!!, Thank in advanced.

F.Y.I. the Optical drive works on everything else i hook it to, including my Kodibuntu box.

Use a better power supply or make sure the drive is externally powered.

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its suppose to power just off the usb tho, there wouldn’t even be a way to hook it up and then power it separately unless you used some sort of usb splitter or something.

Then your power supply is not good enough.

Consider an improved one or power the device with external power.

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i have a external hard drive hooked up that works fine if i unhooked it wouldn’t that give the appropriate power and i would at least find out if power is the issue.

Ok. Most issues with external peripherals are caused by a bad power supply.
Unfortunately if you’re sure it isn’t related to the power supply, we don’t have any further suggestions

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So speaking on a standard basis i should be able to plug an optical drive into OSMC and it read a DVD with no issues?


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It totally depends on how much power your external peripheral requires to operate.

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Seem you guys are correct the higher amp power supply and better cord i cord find the more and more i could hear the drive spinning up. The largest supply i could come up with was 2.1 amps and i looked up the stock cord for the RPI3 and its 2.5 amps. So looks like if i cant find one around here im just going to have to go out and buy one with higher amps, THANKS GUYS