OSMC Intranet

Dear, I have a RPi 3B+ and router not connected to external network, I have just configured SMB. I can to connect my RPi through FileZilla (sftp:// user, password and port 22), but if I try to connect through Windows SMB network. Why?
Ping to RPi is ok.
Connection Putty is ok.


Did you install the Samba Server from the App Store?

Yes. If I use this RPi on other LAN connected to external network and I connect it in internal network I have not problem.

On the Pi do:

sudo apt-get install smbclient
smbclient -L

And post the output of the smbclient command

I explain better, I have a new router just connected and not configured not connected to the internet, from the settings I see that the RPi is connected with its static ip. I want to use raspberry on the internal network. This raspberry is tested. I used it in another network (connected to the global network) and the internal network. I was able to reach it without problems from all the PCs with the configuration of the screenshot above.

Well there must be something wrong otherwise it would work, or?
So let us test step by step.