Osmc is crashing while switching between two profiles

I need a second profile for my son.
But everytime while switching between profiles osmc is crashing with sad face…

Any ideas?



Are you logging off and then selecting the other profile, or are you telling it to switch profiles from the settings screen. I vaguely recall the latter not working well with this kind of setup. Also did you copy guisettings.xml from the master user to the kids profile when you set this up? If so try deleting that file from the profile folder and change the settings through the GUI. If the logs you generated were debug it might have shown something, but I didn’t notice any clues in what you shared. Also when you created the profile did you tell it that all the data was not shared? That is what it should be since your loading a completely separate database with the advancedsettings.xml you made.

Do you experience this issue under Kodi v19?
It should be fixed if you upgrade.

Yes, I‘m logging off the master user through the menu and logging in with another profile and osmc is crashing.
I die not copied any files only created a advanced.xml for a separate DB, that‘s why I said separat media during the profile wizzard.

I downgraded, because some Addons I‘m using are not available for kodi 19 or not working.
Is there any way to get it fixed under kodi 18?

Unfortunately not.