OSMC June - August Update - Sound broken (loud static)

Hi All,
Completed an upgrade from OSMC (June Revision) to August 30th revision (Kodi 15.1).
Everything seemed normal at first running audio through my AMP, but then noticed that with the AMP off and passing through the audio from my RP2 to my TV that the audio is a loud static noise - nothing else can be heard.
Tried plugging in the RP2 direct to TV to see if was an AMP or KODI/TV issue and its definitely related to OSMC as it can still be heard.

Tried to fiddle with all sorts of HDMI settings in OSMC but none seem to remove the static
Could anyone please assist?

What is the format of the audio you are playing?
If you disable passthrough does it fix the static?
If you enable omxplayer does it fix the static?
What is make and model of TV?

Unsure on the format of audio, how do I check this? I’ve tried about 4 different movies.
Disabling passthru on kodi turns the static to no audio at all
Enabling OMXPLAYER plays video, but no audio (tested mutiple known working movies).
TV is Panasonic 42inch TH-42PZ800A.

All audio was OK prior to upgrade.And since hte upgrade, I must have my audio going through the AMP for it to be in a working state.

Can you go to system/audio settings and select “Reset above settings to default”.
The try the video. For audio format, press the ‘o’ key and report what is displayed. (or post a debug log).

Thanks Popcornmix, a reset of those settings cleared the issue.
Appreciate your help :smile:

Yes, that works - but only because it disables passthru. The result is that I get PCM audio rather than the audio truly encoded on my recordings. This has reduced the quality of audio I get when watching TV recordings. This was not an issue in the past. I’ve had it happen on two separate systems (two different types of audio systems), so it is certainly an update issue.

Are there any plans to diagnose and fix the issue caused with passthru audio by this latest update?

Have you tried enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings?