Osmc + Kali reclocker white noise

Hi everyone this is my first post!
I’ve two DACs for my raspberry a hifiberry DAC+ and an Allo 2.1 + Kali reclocker. Both DACs work fine alone but if I use Kali the output is just white noise. I also tried to power it alone removing the jumper disabling it passing power to the raspberry but the result is the same…

Is there any setting I’m missing?

Probably it’s just an upsampling issue… is it possible to upsample the audio to 32bit depth? i’m searching for info on the alsa-conf file but i find it rather confusing…

So i was able to play 16bit contents fine via raspify on the same machine, kodi seems to send 24bit audio and this is causing the white noise, so i need to upsample kodi output to 32bit, i’m on kodi 18 alpha build and i have no output option, is there any configuration file to tweak?

You might need an asound.conf for this device.

i’m stuck here… this is the asound.conf i’ve come up to:

pcm.dmixed {
type asym
playback.pcm {
# See plugin:dmix at ALSA project - the C library reference: PCM (digital audio) plugins
type dmix

            # Don't block other users, e.g. the Timidity midi-player daemon
            # http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/alsa-lib/pcm_plugins.html
            ipc_key_add_uid true

            ipc_key 5678293
            ipc_perm 0660
            ipc_gid audio

            slave {
                    # 2 for stereo, 6 for surround51, 8 for surround71
                    channels 2
                    pcm {
                            format S32_LE
                            #format S16_LE

                            #rate 44100
                            rate 96000

                            # http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/alsa-lib/pcm_plugins.html
                            nonblock true

                            type hw
                            card 0
                            device 0
                            subdevice 0

                    period_size 1024

                    # If too large, use CONFIG_SND_HDA_PREALLOC_SIZE=2048
                    buffer_size 16384
    capture.pcm "hw:0"


type plug
slave.pcm “device”

pcm.!surround40 {
type plug
slave.pcm “dmixed”
route_policy duplicate

pcm.!surround51 {
type plug
slave.pcm “dmixed”

sound from raspotify get correctly formatted to S32_LE but Kodi still use S24_LE, there is obviously something wrong but i can’t understand whic device is kodi using, log doesn’t show any audio output.