OSMC - KODI ver. 16.0 problems

Hi and thanks for the forum…!!

I have installed OSMC - KODI (ver. 16.0) on my Raspberry Pi 2 B+ and find this software really nice, until I got stuck on some problems.
First of all I need to tell that I am totally new to both Raspberry Pi and linux OS.
So I hope you all will bear over with me… :wink:

Problem number 1)
I have set up for weather data viewing and use Yahoo Weather and set the information for my place,
but NO weather data show up on the screen.!
(I get only a yellow ‘backslash’ over all the weather symbols).
Can tell that I tried to check up the Yahoo Weather problem - by installing KODI on my laptop for Windows - and did exactly the same setup for the weather on my laptop (as for the OSMC on RPI)
and the weather data showed up at once.
But - nothing happen on my RPi with Yahoo Weather settings.
(Stupid question from me - - but can there be any kind of problems due to ‘firewall’ settings any place on my Raspberry Pi…??)

Problem number 2)
I find the sound amplification very weak from the RPi when listening to radio station, TV and video.
So I used the Audio DSP settings to increase the volume a little.
After setting the Sound Amplification to an approprate dB - I use the setting to ‘Set as default for all media’ - - but, when I change to another media to listen on - the settings for ‘sound amplification’ are back again to ‘zero’ again.
It doesn’t store the settings.

Anyone who can give any good answer to solve this problems…??
I am happy for all good help now…!

Hi fzinken,

Thank you for your reply - - it was actually a good and nice answer to my question, as a totally novice person on this system.
Yeah, I admit that I am totally new to all this - both use of Raspberry Pi, the OS’s (Linux) Raspian - Jessie and so on - - so I actaully are trying to search around to find ‘some’ help.

When we talk about my question here - I thought it might be the right place, as I already have both registered and posted the same question on the KODI forum…
And yeah, I got the same answer there as from you - - “Find another place to post my questions”.!!

The reason why I posted my question here, is actually that I have installed an ready made OS for my RPi (an img. file) with OSMC - KODI.

Then - when I try to get some answers to my problems with this, I really get confused, when everyone tell me - - that I have to find another place to post my questions.

It actually seems like - we who are new to this - both Linux, Raspberry Pi and other software related to this - are not accepted of the one who really are experts already on this.
I was hoping that there would be someone out there who ‘wanted’ and was ‘willing’ to see us as a coming part of the user of this OS and facilities around it.

And now - from trying to get help with my new hobby and guts to get known to new systems and hopefully could be a part of a system outside ‘windows’.
When I see from reading around how extremely many really high educated people who sit out there - I thought there should be ‘someone’ who would be both able to, willing to and also nice enough - to share some of their wisdom and experiences with the new ones.
But I sit with a feeling of - - that those who are that wise and have those experiences, they also think with themselves - - 'don’t tell anyone else about what we are doing or how we do it.!"

It’s like a ‘dark’ side that no one shall know anything about - - they just keep it for themselves.
And - I am not the only one who feel it this way - - I know many people in the same situation and say exactly experience it exactly the same way as me.!

So - if you would try to look a little outside your ‘shell’ and maybe could remember, that you also one day was in the same situation - that you needed help from someone else, to get where you are today…!!
That would be really nice and I would be SO thankful - if I could be taken seriously and rather try to find out what I really wanted and ment with my question.

Again - thank you very much for your help.!

@fzinken is proving support in his own free time of his own accord. He’s trying to help people.

When he says go on another forum, it’s not because he’s being difficult or obtuse, it’s because it is out of our remit to provide support for a third party add-on. We can, and will, provide support for OSMC. But weather add-ons are not worked on by us. @fzinken has simply referred you to the place where you will most likely receive the best support

Regarding the amplification issue. This may be a limitation of the Pi audio output. There is some work on improved audio, but I am unaware of this work’s affect on amplitude, and in turn, volume.

I personally welcome you to our community, and hope you enjoy OSMC for many years to come. Check out our Wiki for information on how to get the best out of OSMC and how to provide support logs to achieve a timely resolution of any issues you may run in to.



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Hi Sam,

I am thankful for your understanding…!
Anyway - I want to be ‘careful’ here to post any question - cuz I don’t know exactly where to put it and also how it will be ‘received’ of other in here…

I have been able to solve some of the problems I had before - - but there is one question I would like to come up with.!

I want to use some of my own pictures as a background - and to not be needed to use an USB-flash drive for my pictures, I would like to copy some pictures into the /home folder/pictures and point the path from that directory for the background pictures.
But - - I can not find any place to use the ‘copy’ - ‘paste’ command in the OSMC GUI.

Is it possible to do such copy of the pictures other ways - - e.g. with use of SSH…??
(even I miss the possiblity for this in the OSMC GUI.!)

Happy for all kind of help…!

With regards

You best way will be to use ssh to remotely access OSMC. Kodi is not designed as a user interface to the filesystem, it’s a media center.

Do a little Googling for how to use the linux command line, there a plenty of getting started tutorials for linux out there.

If you are accessing from a Windows PC, get yourself WinSCP or FileZilla, they will give you a GUI like remote access to OSMC to do what you are looking for.

If you want to transfer files (e.g. videos/pictures) to/from your device then I suggest to install samba server from App Store. This would allow you to copy files to/from OSMC from your PC/MAC/Phone…

To move files from your USB Flash Drive to the SD Card on OSMC you could use the simple filemanager on OSMC which you find under Settings -> cursor right File Manager

Hi bmillham,

Thank you so much answer to my question.!
Yeah…I admit that I am totally new to Linux and commands - so that was the reason for my question, until I have been able to get more known to the system.

Thanks for the suggestioin about WinSCP - - that did the job for me this time.!

And to '‘fzinken’ - - I have tried using the ‘samba server’ but was not able to find the copy/paste facility that way. (maybe I did something wrong).

Anyway - I got the needed help by using the WinSCP.

I am running RPi ‘headless’ and only a USB-mouse receiver connected - in addition to the USB-receiver for remote controller. (Microsoft’s media center remote).

Else I am connecting to the RPi using SSH (from my laptop Windows 7) - when needed to run linux commands. It’s working great.!

Again - thanks for all the help from you guys.!