OSMC Loader

Hey Guys I’m new on here but I’ve been using OSMC for a bit.

I’m trying to load the newest version onto two Raspberry Pi units (Pi1 B+ and a Pi2)
both come up with errors when trying to load the sd cards. Is there an internal issue?

What error? Are you running the installer as administrator?

its a load error check log file. no not installing it as admin

It’s required to run the installer as admin so that the program has permission to write to a storage device. What OS are you using with the installer?


Windows…but I don’t see where I can designate to install as admin

Right click installer and “Run As Administrator”.

Probably Antivirus interfering or something else locking the drive. Make sure you didn’t run the EXE off the SD you intend to format to (common mistake).

No reports of problems with XP -> Win 10 here.

ran as admin, no antivirus running…still not loading

  • Upload the installer log.
  • Check write protect switch

At least give us some information. We don’t even know what version of Windows you’re running from this post…

I got it to install but I had to run as Admin, and use a local build on my computer from earlier today when I was attempting to load. this seems to be the only way it works. If I load the build through the loader (from OSMC) if fails upon loading. Its never happened this way before.

Windows 8 FYI

Please provide the log from C:\Users\<username>\osmc_installer_log

FYI, installation error: OSMC cannot mount /dev/sdal of ext4 filesystem
Forum won’t let me attach the log file

sda1 suggests you selected a USB install.

Try an SD card install first. If that works, your external disk may be problematic or if you are using a hard disk your power supply is not sufficient.

Take a photo of the error.

Bit confused as your original post suggests you have problems imaging the card rather than running the installer. I suggest you clarify things a little.

Use our pastebin. http://paste.osmc.io then provide the URL.

I suspect the issue is USB related and an SD install will go through fine.

The poster didn’t mention this piece of information in the first post, which is why this wasn’t immediately obvious.