OSMC messing with "/boot/config.txt" overclocking

I have a Raspberry PI 3B+ with current OSMC release.

The microSD do NOT work in previous Raspberry PI, including Pi 3B (not plus). After spending quite a time triaging this, I found the culprit in the “/boot/config.txt”:


Those values a) are not optimal for Pi 3B+ and b) crash booting in previous Raspberry PI releases.

I am pretty sure I didn’t messed with those values myself.

Checking my monthly backups, I can see the change was done after 20190801 (/usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin dated 20th june) and before 20190902 (/usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin dated 4th july).

Anybody else can confirm this?

I would like to confirm that OSMC made this change, the reason to do it and the reason to choose values suboptimal and incompatible with previous Raspberries models.


AFAIK neither the installer, nor any updates in OSMC, has ever put in any clocking parameters in config.txt.

Phone conversations with some friends of mine, confirm that change in their OSMC installations when running on a Raspberry PI 3B+. No changes in friends with Raspberry PI 3B.

I have a 3b+ and only have the stock settings. More convincing is probably that the log files we ask for constantly show the config.txt file and this is something I pay attention to when I go through the logs. I have only seen exactly two people post logs with those settings that I can recall. If that was being put there by default I would expect to see a lot more than (now) three.

Another friend with a Raspberry PI 3B sees this in her “/boot/config.txt”:


Note the 1200 instead of the 1400.

Thinking about this, I went to “My OSMC -> Overclock”. No changes at all, press the exit button in my remote. Checking “/boot/config.txt” timestamp, the file date has changes to “just now”.

Ok, I found it.

Go to “My OSMC -> Overclock”. Move around. DO NOT change any value at all, DO NOT “apply”. Just move a bit and press “exit” or “return” in your remote.

Your “/boot/config.txt” will be modified. I never pressed “apply”, and I quite sure my friends either.

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I can confirm that there is a bug in the MyOSMC app exactly as you describe. Thank you very much for tracking this down. Our developers will look info fixing it.

I have same problem with codecs two years ago, so I can confirm this bug too: