OSMC Network dilema

Hi guys,
Just wonder if you can comment the issue I was faced with.
I’m fresh osmc user starting in February this year.
Everything’s worked fine so far with usual “Skin changes lost after a reboot” issue. Seems to be ok these days.
Recently I had some problem with my internet router so today I went to My OSMC/Network and I disabled Wireless adapter for testing purpose.
So far both of adapters – Wired and Wireless - was enabled with their own settings.
When I went back to Wired section I noticed: Status: eth0 (No internet)
Everything is working ok – weather service, I can play all streams, I can manually check is there any update in Updates section…
I configure Wired adapter manually because I’d like to keep same IP address of osmc all the time for Yatse virtual remote I use.
In KODI Settings/System Information/Network I can see the same IP address like in My OSMC with status Internet: Connected.
When I enable Wireless adapter back in My OSMC/Network it also changes status in Wired section: Status: Connected.
So, I wonder why it’s happening?

In My OSMC/Wired Status – No internet,
in KODI Settings/System Information/Network Internet – Connected
and everything is working ok.
Strange, isn’t it?
Any clue?