OSMC nfsroot web server can't bind port 80

It looks like we use setcap to enable kodi.bin to listen on port 80.
Setcap doesn’t work over NFS so this fails.

Moving the web server port to >1024 works fine

Any thoughts on a better solution ?

Not really.

I’m not actually sure why we have Kodi default to port 80 on OSMC - on most other platforms Kodi defaults to port 8080, so I’d just use that…

Just a single convenience of users being able to type the IP or hostname without :portnumber if they wish to use the web interface.

I am not aware of a solution at this time to allow binding to privileged supports without reducing the security on the system significantly

i tried authbind (quickly) without success. It only supports IPv4 anyway so is not a great solution.

The only other options are fix kodi to start as root and then drop privs or use ip tables to do port forwarding.

Documenting the limitation and changing the client are a much easier option !