Osmc no sound on raspberrypi with fresh install

So just fresh install osmc on rpi 3.
connected through hdmi to sony bx-311
i am able to play mkv, mp4, hvec files but withouts sound.
i tried to change audio option, on settings from HDMi, HDMI-analogue, ALSA, none of them work.

this my log.

i know there lot thread about this, but still i have no clue to solve this.

thanks, appreciate your reply.

Did you ensure osmc is unmuted and volume level is up? Either connect keyboard and press + or use the Web interface

i have installed kore on my android phone.
i use my phone as remote.
Volume is not muted and in 100 level.

Are you hearing the navigation/menu sounds?

dont hear anything from tv when navigating menu…

i guest i will try on different tv.

Would be my suggestion

sorry took long to update

i guest its tv issues.

osmc works well on my panasonic tv.

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