OSMC not configuring with WiFi on 3B+

Hi there,

My OSMC is giving me error message ‘attempt at connection failed’ when I try to connect to my WiFi. I removed all security and was able to connect to the router when it was an open network, likewise I’m able to connect to my phones hotspot, but when I setup WPA - OSMC does not like the connection. I’d really like to persist with OSMC rather than use another system so any advice would be much appreciated. Router is a D-Link, WiFi via TalkTalk.

I copied my log files over to my SD card but I’ve completely lost track of them - if anyone could advise on how to locate them I’ll upload here.

Thanks in advance,

Are you far from the router? What does the signal strength look like under My OSMC?


Are using wpa1 or 2 or mixed mode? I would try with wpa2 only.

Also what encryption aes or tkip, I’d recommend aes.

Thanks Tom.

Signal strength is good. 3 dots. I’m using WPA/WPA2 mix and using both AES and TKIP

Just reconfigured with your recommendations Tom and full connection, much appreciated. I work for Raspberry Pi too so that could’ve got rather embarrassing :slight_smile:


Glad it’s working now.


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