OSMC not seeing fstab mounted shares since update

As per title, since updating the library no longer sees episodes of TV shows stored on one of my shares, if you try to play them it say the file no longer exists.

If I try to navigate to the folder via file manager, it sees the mounted share, but sees it as an empty folder.

Any suggestions?


Could you please provide logs:

Thanks Tom.



You have cifs fstab mount entries, but appear to have added the your tv episodes using kodi nfs. Try adding your tv epsidoes to your video library using the following path:


Rather than:


Thanks Tom.

That is not correct, nfs:// is on as a location, but the library is pointing to /mnt/tv1 for the TV episodes as i pointed out above, even when i manually navigate to the location i.e /mnt/tv1 the folder shows as empty.

Ironically, the nfs share you pointed works perfectly in the sense that if i manually navigate to it, i can see and play all the files within.

It would be worth pointing out that the two mounts in fstab (tv1 and movies1) are located within folders of nfs:// albeit they were added as a way of getting to other folders within that drive that are not currently mounted via fstab

You need to be careful. The mount point is /mnt/TV1, not /mnt/tv1.

What’s the output from running

ls -la /mnt/TV1

Edit: It looks like you need to enable “Wait for network” in My OSMC > Network.

I have just enabled that, done a reboot and it seems to now work.

However my concern is why did this only happen after the OSMC update and why did enabling wait for network resolve the issue when both mounts were on the same network drive but one was working and the other not?

Edit: I should add the library is still not picking up anything in said folder, but i can manually navigate to the folder at least now. I am willing to be my library has become corrupt again?

It’s difficult to say for sure but it’s probably just a timing issue.