OSMC Not starting on my RPI2

[Sorry for my bad english]
Hi, I installed OSMC on my RPi 2 (using NOOBS) about a year ago, and everything was working perfectly until now. When I turn on the Pi, the OSMC “Boot image” is messed up. It looks like this:
And after a few seconds, my TV shows “No signal”, and thats the end. I cannot access to the GUI, only sometimes. Please help me, I dont know what to do. :pensive:

Seems like an odd video mode that ply-lite may be experiencing a bug with.

Which version of OSMC are you on? Have you updated it recently?

I’m using Kodi 16.0

You should updated to the latest version of OSMC first

Hi. I did “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get upgrade” and now I have Kodi 16.1 but no change.

You need to do
apt-get dist-upgrade
Just upgrade can mess up your system.

I did dist-upgrade and it hangs on following line: “Installing new version of config file /etc/connman.conf …”
(Here’s the full log: http://pastebin.com/wkFYYLbs ). I’m still waiting but nothing happens.
EDIT: The OS crashed so I had to reoot the Pi. I’l try dist-upgrade again.

Network will drop for a bit during old ConnMan upgrades

It’s improved in recent versions. Just don’t press anything for a bit and the ssh session will stay open

Thanks for helping me, I will reinstall OSMC because my SD card is broken/corrupted so I have to reinstall everything.