OSMC not working after power cuts

Using latest version of OSMC on a raspberry pi 2. Have been getting a number of power cuts in my area lately and this is playing havoc with osmc. After the power cut I will try to restart but will only get the multi coloured screen on boot up. I then need to download fresh version of the software and start again. Is this normal or should the software be more stable than this? The power cuts are not affecting any of my other electronic gadgets.

It can depend on what you were doing when the power cut out.

Is this going to be a long term issue? If it is I would recommend an NFS installation which can be more reliable or a UPS such as http://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/breakout-boards/pi-modules/ups-pico

Although turning the power off without shutting down is not a good idea and can cause corruption, (especially if you were in the middle of running updates) it should not be causing the OS to crash every time and fail to get past the rainbow screen if the device was idle.

In the course of OSMC testing I quite often pull the power cable out without shutting down and I have not once had an issue due to this. (Although I obviously do not pull out the power cable during an upgrade or when the device is busy writing, only when it is idle)

I would suggest trying a different SD card or power adaptor if you are seeing serious corruption every time you get a power cut.

I live in rural Thailand. We have lots of power outages. Some long. Some short.

Only once have I had to reinstall after an outage.

I like the sound of the ups and since my area tends to get power cuts - electricity still delivered on wooden poles - this will be a worthwhile investment. Thanks for that. Also suggested that I try a different SD card - is there one particularly recommended?

Thank you for delivering such a tremendous product.