OSMC Official Remote not Working on Pi with Bluetooth Keyboard

I purchased an OSMC remote and could not get it to work on my Raspberry Pi 3 even though it worked on Linux or Windows systems. This was made extra difficult by the lack of documentation. There was not a single word of instructions included with it. And I note that the product description says that setup instructions are included.

After trying many things–including a complete fresh install of the latest OSMC–and much internet searching–including these forums–I got it to work by removing the dongle for the bluetooth keyboard that had been my “remote” until now.

Why does having a bluetooth keyboard also connected cause the remote to be ignored? How can I get both enabled? I note that it did not have this problem on Linux with a normal keyboard attached via USB.

This should not have been such a hard process. Some documentation must be included with the product even if it is just a link to a worthwhile setup document online. Having to search forums for partial answers in various places is no way to support customers.

BTW, I have been using XBMC/KODI/OSMC for years and love it.


It doesn’t, or rather, it shouldn’t. It should literally be plug and play.

Maybe the Bluetooth dongle is poorly shielded and is interfering with the signal of the RF dongle. Both operate on 2.4Ghz

When the remote works, make a note of the blue light you see. Does the blue light become slower / stay on for longer when you press a button when the Bluetooth dongle is connected and things aren’t working?


I did the test as you suggested and the LED was on longer when it didn’t work. However, in moving dongles around, I found an unexpected resolution. It appears that one of the USB ports on this Pi is bad. When I plug either dongle into that port, the associated device doesn’t work. But if I plug both dongles into any two of the other three ports, both devices work. Maybe a manufacturing defect but I can live with it as long as I never need to use more than three ports.

I appreciate the help. I still think it would be best if you had a wiki page that gave installation instructions (trivial though they may be), basic debug advice like you gave me, the pairing process, etc. in a single place. A link to it from the product page would make it very easy to find.


We will add some more remote instructions on the Wiki in the near future. It needs a bit of a redesign.