OSMC on Pi 3 Won't boot

I was watching TV when OSMC went weird, as if I was reacting to non-existent keypresses.

I reset the Pi and it would not boot, giving 4 flashes on the green LED.

I checked the SD card; it seems ok but there is no start.elf or loader.bin (suggested as a possible cause by the internet).

I put the newest OSMC on a new card and it booted fine. The old card had a pre-Kodi 19 release on it.


  • can I fix my old card
  • or should I use the opportunity to upgrade
  • is my old SD card now suspect
  • is my Pi possibly getting old and misbehaving?

Any other advice?


Ok, I bit the bullet and upgraded to the latest OSMC on a new SD card. It took a while to reconfigure but seems fine.

Do you think that my Pi 3 is on its way out or that I was just unlucky?


I would say the sd card has failed. How long had the setup been running?

Thanks Tom.

Not sure. A few years.

IMHO anything over 2 years is a good life for an sd card.

Thanks Tom.

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