OSMC on PI2 Installed on SD Card - Library on a external hard drive

Hello Guys,
I’ve sucessfully installled OSMC on a PI2. Here is what I want to accomplish:

Run Transmission to download torrent files;
Run a Samba to easily share mounted drivers locally so I can transfer in and out;
Have all my library on a attached 2tb Hard drive but the OSMC on the sd card.

I have avarage linux knowledge so the Transmission and Samba should be easy.
The external hard drive is also easy. It was automatically mounted by OSMC as /media/NASHDD1 (label). I am able to navigate the files inside the mounted drive and play them.

I expected it differently. I have to browse the files folders manually, it shows no info about the movies, its no better then my Samsung TV USB Media player.
Why cant the OSMC see scan my files on /media/NASHDD1 and display them nicely, with posters, actors, etc? I have used the Video > Add File menu to add my NASHDD1 Videos directory.


You must have TV series and movies separated into separate locations and each location must be specified as to which type content that source is when adding them.

Huum okay. So currently my External Harddrive just have a inprogress and a completed torrent directories.
I could easily separate movies and tv shows into different directories.
Currently the /media/hdd1/completed holds a bunch of movies and tv shows mixed.

Is that why I dont have nothing showing in my library?



Thanks. I was wondering about the WIKI. OCMS WIKI is giving me a Not Found error.
So is that Kodi wiki 100% valid for OCMS?

I have alot of questions. How to add Subtitle services is on top of my mind now.

Best regards and thanks.

The OSMC Wiki is at osmc.tv/wiki now. Can you show me where the broken link is so I can fix it?


Hey Sam,

I was actually trying to access it from the link on the home of osmc.tv.
Its working perfectly now but I am sure I was getting a not found when clicking either on General or on Raspberrry Pi links on the Wiki’s home.

Could be on my end, but I also noticed that you are using Varnish cache for the Wiki. I have never visited osmc website before yesterday.

Best regards,

There is already a purge call in our VCL when the Wiki is updated. I’ll check it’s being triggered properly.

I see a potential issue though: the remnants of the old Wiki remain. If there is a bad link, the adjusted mod_rewrite rules from Wordpress will serve you a 404 with a link to the old Wiki. Will fix that shortly.