OSMC on Pi2 "What is decoding my DTS-HD MA files?

So yes i have passthru on and set to use 5.1 channels and have the radio buttons on AC3 and DTS on and all that good stuff, but i read a quote from popcornmix who said something like the pi2 won’t passthru DTS-HD MA or TrueHD but can do it with software given the extra power… and i was playing these files on the pi1 as well.

They are 1080p DTS-HD MA but none are 7.1 i dont have that many chanels. I just wonder what is doing the work? I assume from what popcornmix said that it must be decoding before it passes out of the pi… thus some form of “software” is decoding it? OMX Player like remuxing it or something?

My DENON receiver says DTS just like all other DTS files or “REAL Blu-Ray Disks” when i put them in the PS3. Don’t have any Blu-Ray Disks here anymore.

I really just ask out of curiosity, the fact that they are getting decoded and look and sound perfect IS enough but im curious “who is doing the work, persay”?

DTS-MA has a DTS core, that is what your receiver picks up, I think the same is with TrueHD, but then offcourse a AC3 stream.

Ive read this answer a bunch of times and i see what you are saying the core is the core… but i used to use UMS it runs on lots of OS’s and is FREE but you need a PS3 running all the time vs the lil RPi2 or RPi1
…and there were options to use like tsMuxeR instead of the main FFmpeg LINK TO IT HERE http://sourceforge.net/projects/unimediaserver/

just dl it
to yer best OS well platform right it transcodes if u want on the fly…
or remuxes on the fly

its kinda neat you need java7 tho i cant update my macbook past 10.6.8 so thru the thing away but ON THE FLY?? is the RPi2 and 1 doing that??

baffels me
to send like a PCM version (remuxed DTS-HD MA as just PCM) so just PCM to the reciever and there was a thing on the fat ps3 that you had to use PCM in 2 plavces but you cood have it set on bitstrem on the slim one i have… is this using FFMpeg that the same thing that OpenMAX uses?

EDIT: go here http://www.universalmediaserver.com/comparison/

they compare to other media servers they have auto overscan changing even bc like our HDTV overscans the pi lop left like (50,18) and bottom right (50,18)

UMS wood do it for you on any TV like the second you attach HDMI it wood look for overscan if yer tv has it on it swtches it off so NEVER EVER had to do Video Calibration clickx50 x15 etc

here ill paste it…

Overscan compensation
If your TV has overscan - which means it cuts off the edges of videos - we can compensate so you see the whole video.
Many people watch with overscan and never realize what they are missing.

SOOO TRUE unless yer like me he RPi2 and it overscans so much i only see 3.25 “raspberries” on boot

imagine booting Ubuntu and seeing like 3.5 “Penguins” ON INITIAL BOOT!!! youd be like wheres the graphix card options i need to snap to screen nah it would like ask the ps3 then get its answer
YES this SONY HDTV123 has Overscan_Enabeled

DiNG all 4 penguins on boot

But there werent pix for the cores on yer box/lappy

Sooooo next time i can afford a macbook PRO when i am 75 years old i’ll be using that again its just those words
“…on the fly…”
Thanks, Japan!! ps3

OMG that comparison chart is nuts ok

True Motion (frame interpolation)
This takes regular framerates, usually 24fps or 25fps, and adds frames in between to make the motion smoother and more realistic.
This is done using InterFrame, which is an AviSynth plugin that uses SVP libraries.

WHAT?? REALLY then it says

UMS is and will always be free. (well thank GAWD)

because its like yer updating Java every build and they come out in full points in a week…

i know the RPi2 is like 2 weeks old only but look at this…

2015/02/15 Version 5.0.1 is released
2015/01/25 Version 5.0.0 is released
2015/01/11 Version 4.4.0 is released
2015/01/02 Happy New Year from the UMS team!
2014/12/12 Version 4.3.1 is released

well its a full point a MONTH for OSX
or 4.4.4 to 5.0.0 in around a month

i need java 7 back

on the fly and remuxing pushing all that DTS-HD MA all only 4.5MB/s

“ok im going to insert a frame cause yer at 25 now and we wanna be at 35 to max out 1000mbps”

and in the end, let THE DENON receiver decode that phat DTS-HD MA!!!

right? thats WHY i BOUGH iT

The Raspberry Pi (2) hasn’t the big pipe that is needed for all the HD audio material … so no … it can’t.

The core is for all the people who haven’t updated to a modern HD audio receiver and are still stuck with simple AC3 and DTS.
That means there only needs to be one audio stream on the bluray, that can benefit both worlds :smile:

IF the cat5 is on the USB 2.0 bus thats 480mbps or 35MB/s around

DTS-HD MA is the whole raw track and if the video leaves enough room you can pass it

its 4.5MB/s

those jellyfish test files are good

Try http://www.universalmediaserver.com forums they say the ps3 can pass it same basic 1080p

FWIW I took a DTS-HD movie with a 7.1 audio track and converted it to PCM. The Pi struggled to play it but the RP2 had no problems. The Denon receiver shows 7 channels and PCM (24 bit / 9k).