OSMC on Rasberrypi 2 B Cloning to a 2nd unit problem

Hi there
Hope some one can help

I have successfully setup OSMC on a Rasberrypi 2 B… and its working well.
I have used win32SD xxx to clone an image of the microsd card to use in a 2nd Rassberry Pi 2 B

I tested the newly cloned card in the original unit and it works fine,

I have purchased a second Rasberrypi 2 B and have installed the cloned sd card.

The Rasberrypi appears to boots up fine, I can access it through PUTTY,

But I am not getting any output on the HDMI port

Using Putty I have setup a wireless USB card. on this unit as well - working fine

But no picture on the HDMI?

Any ideas on what I can do to activate the HDMI port?

Thanks in advance

First step would be to PUTTY in, and do tvservice -s
to determine what state it thinks it is in
You should have a line like state 0x12001a [HDMI DMT (16) RGB full 4:3], 1024x768 @ 60.00Hz, progressive
But you might have something which shows it is in ‘default’ analog mode (haven’t got an example to hand).
This can happen if no status is read (eg connection is bad or TV/Monitor is off)