OSMC on Raspberry Pi 3B+ constantly freezes

Have a very large library on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ connected to an external hard drive with my collection of movies. However, if I click on too many movies too quickly or if I attempt to reorganize my library by editing Sort Titles, etc. the program freezes and I have to manually shut down the device or it stays frozen indefinitely. I’m unsure what to do. Perhaps I have too many movies and the Pi cannot handle all of these files (over 7,000). If so, what can I purchase that will handle this volume using OSMC?

My log data is accessible with this link, I’m unsure how to use this information to help myself so perhaps someone out there can assist me. Thank you,


The first question would be if you have a strong reason that you haven’t updated to latest OSMC/Kodi version?

What screen did it freeze on in this test? Looks like to be related to Photo opening.
Can you next time when it freeze not restart but directly upload logs via SSH (grab-logs -A)

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Thank you for the quick response. I will attempt to upload logs using SSH and will update this posting.

To answer your first question, it’s because I am using a “Backup” program that I like and it’s currently not compatible with the latest version of OSMC. However, once I find a comparable program I will update to the latest version.

Can you link the backup addon you use so that we can advice? E.g. what functions of that backup addon are not in MyOSMC Backup.


I use the program called “Backup” Version 1.13 looks like an old floppy disk for the icon. Maybe I’m unaware of all of the options/features that MyOSMC Backup provides but I’ve used the other program and I can literally erase all of the files on the Pi and using the software I can regain it back as it saves the backup on my Hard Drive. If MyOSMC Backup does the same as this, then I will stop using this program and update to the newest version of OSMC/Kodi.

I re-attempted to replicate the issue by editing the sort title on 3 consecutive movie files. This tends to always freeze up the program on my device. It froze and then as I was trying to connect via Putty the program crashed (sad face icon) and rebooted. I thought this would be helpful so I have added the link to that log below:


Editing sort titles isn’t the only way it freezes. If I change from one movie to another and try to load Plot/Cast/Details too many times the same will happen. It happens often enough that it makes it difficult to use reliably for me.

Others can comment more on this (as I don’t use the MyOSMC backup) But yes the MyOSMC backup would allow you to do the backup and then restore to same status after a fresh install. It also supports to keep multiple backup versions.

You are running out of Memory
[ 264.999304] Out of memory: Kill process 378 (kodi.bin) score 883 or sacrifice child

I see, I will test the backup that comes with OSMC which should help since I will then be able to update to the latest version. Thanks

I guess I need to buy a larger micro SD card. Do you believe this is what’s causing my issues?

No, this is not space on the SD Card but Memory of which the Pi3 has 1GB.
I normally would assume that 1GB is good enough (even so 2GB as the Vero has is more stable) but something in the Library function seems to eat your memory. I would revisit this after you upgrade to latest version.
As use the Pi you just can do a full Backup of the SD Card before update that allows you to easily go back if you have an issue.

I see, my mistake. Okay, so I will test and update to the latest version and will upload new logs after I have made the switch. BTW, I’m very appreciative of your help with this. Thank you