OSMC on RaspPi on Denon X1100W and Samsung TV UE46D6500

Hi Friends,
I am having Trouble getting a Signal via hdmi from my Pi with OSMC via my Denon AVR X1100W to my TV.

  • I have new HDMI 1.4 cables
  • I switch Pi on after everything is on.
  • Pi direct on my TV or TFT works perfectly
  • Pi HDMI CEC Singnal is shown on TV - but no picture
  • tried lots of hdmi Settings in Pi Config but nothing worked

Does someone have a OSMC HDMI Setting für a Pi working with a Denon AVR?

Doesn’t mean they are not broken…

Revert everything changed in config.txt.

If you can connect via ssh, please post the link output by “grab-logs -A” here.

Try different inputs on the receiver.

Do other devices work, that connect to the receiver? Do they show a picture on the tv?