OSMC pi desktop

Hi guys. I’m very new to all this so apologies if this sounds stupid; i have searched the web but with no luck. I have raspberry pi 2 with NOOBS and was having fun learning python and messing around with it. I decided to install OSMC which i did succesfully but now i cant get back to my NOOBS desktop. I get to the command line but it just shows osmc@osmc:~$ and i can’t startx to get back. Ideally i’d like to boot to desktop and choose whether i want to open OSMC because i’m not going to use it every time i use the PI. can anyone help me here?

We have an official desktop scheduled for the later part of the year.


If you have only just installed OSMC then you have likely list your Raspbian desktop that you were using as NOOBS formats the card as part of the install. If you installed OSMC at the same time as Raspbian then you switch between the operating systems by holding the shift key on boot up.

Raspbian and OSMC are two completely separate operating systems so there is no way to simply move from one to the other without doing the reboot thing.

Thanks Jb2cool. Any instructions on how to do this anywhere? I’m quite new. I’ve installed both before but not at the same time

Click “show original” at the bottom of my link to read all noobs instructions.

We are nearing the middle of another year, any good news for the desktop app enhancement