OSMC Pi2 Network Issues on Startup


I’ve had a look through the forums but have not come across this issue, apologies if I missed something.

Quick run through of my setup;
RaspPi2 running OSMC, latest stable version (current issue) connected to the network with a network cable
RaspPi1B running OSMC, latest stable version (no issue) connected using wifi
My videos and library are all stored on a Synology NAS as I have a few Kodi instances in my home using the same library.

When I’m starting OSMC on by Raspberry Pi 2, I get a message appearing in the top left flicking between “a start job is running for set time using http” and “Wait for network to be configured” eventually this moves onto “Reached target network is online” then the screen goes black for a few moments and comes on with no library. I can get images if needed.

When it fires up, it fails to obtain an IP address. Ends up with a 169.254 IP (would expect a 192.168.0 IP) so fails to connect to the library (makes sense for the black screen for a while as it’s trying to find the library). If I unplug and plug back in the network cable after a few minutes, it ocassionally obtains an IP and can browse files on the NAS without issue, though has not done in the last couple of times. Rebooting gets me back to square one.

It normally gets a static IP from the router, but adding it’s IP manually in the OSMC settings doesn’t work either.

Initially, I thought there was some sort of delay in starting the network services, but now I’m not sure. The only thing that has changed is that I have just moved houses (literally, it was fine in the old house. Plugged it into the new house, not working). It’s the exact same network setup (same router etc) the only difference now is that there is no powerline adapter or switch in between the pi and the router.

My Raspberry Pi 1B works fine over wifi - no change there.

I’m just short of reinstalling OSMC on to it, but would rather “fix” it than go through all that.

So if I understand correctly, the Pi that isn’t connecting to the network is connected via a cable? I know its a silly comment, but have you tried a different cable? And check your router for a DHCP reservation, maybe there was a reservation for the powerline adaptor?

You’re kidding! I cant believe I never thought to try the blinking cable!

It’s working now just as before. Sorry for wasting time, but thanks for the help!

No problem. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious :smirk_cat: