OSMC Playback freezes, times out and goes back to menu

Good afternoon all,

I’ve been having this issue for months but it’s gotten a lot worse recently. Playing a movie via OSMC from my Debian server. It’ll randomly freeze frame and audio, hang for 30 seconds and bounce you back to the movies menu.

Files are shared via SMB.

I re-imaged with the June release of OSMC and the issue remained.

Logs here: https://paste.osmc.tv/nadedoguzi


Do you get the same issues if you playback a movie locally, either from usb stick or from the SD card?

Also you should consider perhaps mounting the SMB shares via fstab and also adding video cache.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom,

Adjusted the cache, so far so good! Will properly mount the SMB shares too and come back if the issue reappears.

Thanks again!

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@Cyruz, since you have a Debian server, you should really be using NFS to serve the files instead of samba. NFS will perform better.

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