OSMC PVR error

I transferred my home setup form several Xbox-es to four Raspberry Pi 2’s with OSMC. Sat TV (total of 4 tuners) runs on a Windows 7 Home Professional 32-bit dedicated PC setup as the server using DVBLink TV Source 5.5.
Setting up OSMC was easy. However I do run into problems now and then on any of the Raspberry Pi’s.

A couple of times a day, when I switch TV channels the screen image will freeze on the last shown image of the channel that has been left while sound from the newly selected channel will be heard.

I can reset this by leaving TV and briefly start up a video from one of the folders, start and stop the
video, returning to TV it will work again for an indefinite amount of time.

Any ideas?

What happens when you press stop (e.g. ‘x’ key) on stalled channel? Does that stop correctly? Can you then play the channel?
Can you post a debug enabled log showing the problem?

Thank you for your answer.
I don’t have any keyboard connected to the Raspberry Pi’s. For the moment I can only use either Kodi Remote on iPad and a IR remote control through HDMI-CEC.
When I press STOP button on remote, nothing happens. All what seems to work is OSMC/Kodi interface controls like return, arrow selection, OK.
Can you point me to somewhere that tells me how to go about with these logs. Sorry, I’m very new to OSMC, Kodi and Linux.

Please read the Necessary information sticky at the top of this forum. We put important information in obvious places for obvious reasons.

As the osmc.tv site states “Simple and easy to use.”, it doesn’t imply that anything else than setting it up following the guidelines, is obvious for every user. However, I will look into it.

OK, I managed to get the logs uploaded. This is the link

URL: http://paste.osmc.io/hibofasize

The TV error hanging on TV image with sound continuing happened again. This time after switching back to TV from listening to music using XSqueeze.
TV did start but after switching channels image freezed (as did the clock, top right, and the logging info on screen). Had to reset the Raspberry Pi.

Hope this will help solve problem. Thank you.

Anybody? Please.