OSMC Remote Enter/OK button stopped working

I am using Debian with an install of Kodi and this has been working for many months without issue.

I start Kodi with:

/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kodi/kodi.bin --lircdev /var/run/lirc/lircd

An IRW on the machine gives me the following when the OK button is pressed:

1c 0 KEY_ENTER linux-input-layer
1c 0 KEY_ENTER_UP linux-input-layer

The contents of /etc/lirc/lircd.conf & /etc/lirc/osmc-remote-lircd.conf have the OK button as:

          KEY_OK                   0x14

I tried switching KEY_OK to KEY_ENTER without success.

I have changed the batteries and can see the blue LED when I press the button. I also get a response from the OK button when I am watching a movie etc as it toggles between the menu and the video.

H E L P :frowning:


Do you have eventlircd on your system?
Are you using a stable of Kodi, i.e. Kodi v17?



Yes on both counts:

Kodi:~$ apt-cache policy kodi | grep Installed
  Installed: 2:17.1+dfsg1-3

Kodi:~$ which eventlircd
Kodi:~$ cat /etc/eventlircd.d/osmc_rf.evmap
#KEY_HOME               = KEY_HOME
#KEY_INFO               = KEY_INFO
#KEY_UP                 = KEY_UP
#KEY_DOWN               = KEY_DOWN
#KEY_LEFT               = KEY_LEFT
#KEY_RIGHT              = KEY_RIGHT
KEY_ENTER               = KEY_OK
#KEY_BACK               = KEY_BACK
#KEY_STOP               = KEY_STOP
#KEY_REWIND             = KEY_REWIND

You don’t need the LIRC config, as that’s for the IR remote.
Some ideas:

  • Check /var/run/lirc/lircd is still the correct socket, and Kodi can access it.
  • Check the output on the LIRC socket to make sure eventlircd is processing it properly. I think this is done with irw.