OSMC Remote for Raspberry PI didn't work

I bought the OSMC Remote for Raspberry Pi last week.

But it won’t work. I connect the IR Modul. I remove the plastic tab underneath the battery.
I reinstalled OSMC (latest Version 10.2015) but it didn’t work.


Is there a Hardware malfunction

Raspberry Pi II

Hi there

Try opening a camera App on a smartphone and press a button on the remote. If you see a red flash, it means the remote is sending signals.

Double check you connected the pins correctly at Quick Start - OSMC. Also ensure that IR LIRC GPIO remote is enabled and the OSMC remote is selected in My OSMC. This is enabled by default unless you changed it


Doesn’t work on some modern smartphone cameras with IR filters unfortunately. I used to use this trick all the time on my iPhone 3GS (the IR looks like white though) but on my iPhone 6 I see nothing at all on working remotes, due to the IR filter in the camera lens…

Hi Sam,

thanks for your very fast reply.
I checked the remote with my camera app. There is no red Flash.

I tested another battery (from my apple remote). No red flash. :frowning:

What could i do?


It works on my Galaxy S6 and worked on my LG G3. Michael – can you test to see if other remotes in the house (like a TV remote) produce a flash on your camera?


Try to use the front facing camera on your phone.

Excellent suggestion - works for me. Most front facing cameras are of lower quality and therefore less likely to have an IR filter…

HI Sam,

i tested my tv remote. With this remote der is a red flash. Take a look at the photos.
I think it is a problem with the osmc remote :frowning:

OSMC Remote
TV Remote


Ok, no problem.

Email sales@osmc.tv with a link to this thread and your order #. A new one will go out for you tomorrow.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.


HI Sam,

new one arrived yesterday and it works perfect!
Thanks a lot!


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