OSMC Remote Info Button

Hi guys,

After the recent update (May 2019) my osmc remote has changed the function of some of the buttons, for example, previously if you pressed the hamburger button (the three lined one) it used to bring up the info for the video in progress, like how “i” on a keyboard works, now it brings up the queue. Similarly, the home button does not seem to work as well as it used to, it doesn’t really go ‘home’ anymore.

I know that there were improvements to the underlying remote control functions, but my questions is, did you also change the functions of the buttons, or did mine just decide to change itself?

Either way, is it possible to edited the mappings to return to the previous functionality? (Vero 4K+ if that makes a difference).


You can use key map editor to change the functionality of the buttons.

For me the behaviour is unchanged


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Thanks Sam!

I made sure it was on the OSMC remote, then reset the input device options and restarted. Not sure which worked but it’s all back to normal now :grin: