OSMC Remote probs

I ordered a(n) osmc remote from the osmc store if I were to guess 2-3 weeks ago and it started working wonderfully but, then started draining the nickel batteries like crazy. In like 2-3 weeks, it’s drained like 2-3 batteries. I’m wondering if its bluetooth or if other signals in the building could be making it difficult for it to communicate i.e. interference with the raspberry pi or if theres some unforeseen problem. I’ve never had a problem with the remotes purchased from the store, so this is kinda weird for me.



I think you emailed about this and I offered some suggestions

Try ensuring no buttons are accidentally pressed in
Try swapping one remote with another in terms of location to see if the other one also has the same issue.
Lots of 2.4ghz interference can disturb the remote