OSMC+RPi2 freezing consistently on startup

so i got around the no settings issue and the updating issue but now when i turn it on and load kodi it will freeze. i turned my overclock settings back to normal but still nothing. here is the latest log i could pull since it ends my ssh session when it freezes http://paste.osmc.io/sapetekahu

Is this a completely default fresh install or did you attempt to apply some backup from raspbmc etc?

this is 100% fresh. but the skin was changed to rapier

Does the issue persist without rapier?

I can’t get it to work long enough without freezing to switch it out to osmc default or confulence

rm guisettings.xml and reboot.

i’m getting no directory message when i type sudo rm osmc/guisettings.xml


A hard freeze like this is almost certainly going to be power supply related.

I’ve found my new Pi 2 to be VERY picky about the power supply, even at the default “normal” overclock.

Much more so than my B or B+. The power adaptor I use without problems with my B which is overclocked to 1Ghz can’t boot the Pi 2 to Kodi at all - it freezes on the early text boot screen.

I suspect that some of the companies selling the Pi 2 are not yet aware that some power adaptors that are sufficient for the Pi 1 are not sufficient for the Pi 2.