OSMC RPi2 with External 2.5" HDD - does it work without any modification?

I am new to OSMC as well as RPi 2. I finally managed to set it up after few tries and everything seems to be working fine with the video files on a 32GB USB.

Now I would like to attached my 2TB WD Elements 2.5"HDD to the RPi to access my media library.I have been noticing many articles and posts on various RPi forums and blogs about modifying some setting to enable 1.2A power output to (from default 600mA) to run external HDD. I am wondering if OSMC is already optimized to run external 2.5"HDD as it’s a media center optimized for RPi2.

Or do I need to change some settings to run the external 2.5"HDD?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You just have to enable the max usb current option in OSMC Settings.

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Great!! I knew there might be a simple settings on OSMC for this!!
Thanks a lot shadow!! :smile:

By the way, do I need to turn it off when I am not using externall HDD?
If I keep it on, will it ruin the USB flash drives?

You just leave it on, it doesn’t hurt anything.

Thanks!! :smile: