OSMC RPi3: 5GHz WiFi dongle recommendation

As extensively discussed in many threads, I also got bitten by the removal in OSMC of the out-of-tree edimax wifi drivers that were needed for my edimax dual band AC dongle (that wasn’t working very well anyways)

First question for @sam_nazarko / OSMC team: there is no official wifi dongle in the OSMC store at this time, will it come back? When? I am looking forward to purchase 2 dual band (AC) official dongles as soon as possible.

If there are no plans to offer them in the OSMC store, is there a supported / tried / trusted make and model I can purchase elsewhere (specifically supporting 5Ghz and preferably AC)? The threads on the recent driver removal do not seem to contain references or links to actual products.

Any pointer or guidance on this would be very helpful

There wasn’t enough demand for us to continue the sale of this. Almost all of our users (Pi and Vero) now have integrated 5Ghz.

We will support any WiFi adapters in the upstream kernel, but there is no list.


Understood, thanks for the fast response. My use case this is for an RPi3b that doesn’t have 5ghz. The 3b+ hast it but it’s not very good. Besides that, the Pi is in a metal case with a hifiberry hat on top, making internal (antena-less) wifi even poorer.

Still hoping to find a solution, if some other user can chime in and refer a working product.

FWIW my plan B is this though: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01N5RCZQH/ref=pe_3034960_236394800_TE_dp_1/

An external tiny travel router. this has the advantage of not drawing any power from the Pi. Already using it in one build but it wasn’t in the plan for the one discussed here

A possibility is to check the wiki for the chipset and then check if you find the module on OSMC

But as sometimes the chipset within a model can change it is not 100% foul proof