Osmc runs slow

osmc runs slow for me, clicking around the menus, navigating, etc.

I have raspberry pi 1 model b
Patriot LX Series 32GB Class 10 sdhc

here are my logs


Logs look alright but… You are running a 256mb, very early model B… I think you might want to think about upgrading to the Pi2 if you need a more performant system.

@ActionA I’m with RPi2 and from some time my OSMC installation is running slow also, I remove all addons, and I also make fresh install and the situation is still the same - slow work and some kind of lag when I navigate at the UI. It’s like Kodi always think that there is movie running and keeps fps low. And I also spot that kodi.bin is constantly using arround 50% of the CPU and there is also constant network activity and I can’t find what is causing it.

You say you removed all addons, but did you try renaming your .kodi directory to go back to a completely fresh Kodi config ? If there is constant network activity and 50% CPU use for kodi.bin, it is still doing something…

kodi.bin uses around 15% cpu on my Pi 2 when idle - and that is with all my addons still installed. I’m also not seeing any UI lag.

Thanks @DBMandrake I will try fresh install once more :slight_smile: maybe I do something wrong :slight_smile:

I’m not suggesting to do a complete fresh install of OSMC - simply rename the folder /home/osmc/.kodi - this will remove all of your existing Kodi config putting it back to defaults.

Later you could copy it back. For example:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv /home/osmc/.kodi /home/osmc/.kodi.bak
sudo systemctl start mediacenter