OSMC screen not showing up

After some time (3 months away) not using it (Vero 4K) when starting the screen I get on my TV is a black screen with a couple of horizontal parallel white bars ??? Tried with different HDMI input ports with same result. Any hint? Thanks

Can you show us a photo of the issue?

Are you able to ping the device or see it on the network?

That’s it. I have Vero 4K directly connected (via HDMI) to TV.

Does that appear immediately or only after some time?
Do you see the Please Stand By screen?

Have you tested on another display / with another HDMI cable?

Is any HDMI device working with this TV at all?

Is that the same display you were using three months ago with the Vero? Have you tried plugging a difference device into that display to verify that it is working?

It is the same display. I am actually away, but tomorrow I’ll check with other HDMI connected devices and also connecting Vero 4K to another display. Shall update you. Thanks

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