OSMC Skin mousepointer

OSMC Skin look pretty awesome,my compliments for this innovation.
Made some pics captured in one image:

There is one point, the mouse pointer is very large,this may become smaller as for me

The OSMC skin doesn’t support mouse control - so the large pointer you see is vestigial.

If you do need mouse control you will need to switch to another skin that supports mouse control. (Not all Kodi skins do)

Oké thanks for the explaining
Don’t really need mouse control,navigate through the menu with the tabs.(wireless mini keyboard with built-in touchpad)

So if the mousepointer/mouse control is rudimentair,is it then possible to hide the mousepointer,just don’t want to use another skin,for such petty little issue :arrow_left:

Settings > System >Input devices > Disable mouse

Yes, in ´Settings - System - Input devices´ you can disable mouse and touch screen support.

Edit: To slow…

Just noticed that the mouse pointer will disappear after a few seconds,so if i keep my fingers of the touchpad it is no longer a issue :smile:

There is no option to disable only the mouse pointer it also disable touch screen support,with the result that some keys (Esc and enter ,etc) on my mini keyboard does not function anymore.So in my case not suitable.

I’ll try to remember to add a hide mouse point option the skin settings.

Did you ever do this? Just updated to the July version and even with mouse disabled in system settings the cursor is still visible and movable, although no actions can be performed with it. How to disable the actual pointer as well?

Mouse is now supported so there was no need. Are you sure you’ve disabled it? Screenshot?

Quite. Can’t provide a screenshot atm because the “mouse” is one of those remote controller/keyboard/air mouse thingys that don’t have [ctrl], hence no screenshooting.