OSMC skin shows and image/screenshot from the episode. Is this removable?

I just got my Vero 4K box. The first impression is very good. I relay like the way the OSMC skin can be configured to look very minimalistic.

I have one question I could not find and answer to. When scrolling through individual episodes of TV shows the OSMC skin shows and image/screenshot from the episode. Is there a way to remove this image or replace it with generic artwork from the series? These screenshots have high spoiler potential such as “I thought that character died in the last season, and now he is here in this image from the episode…”.

If possible, how would I go about changing this?


Try disabling Extract thumbnail from video files, it under: settings, media, video.

Thanks Tom.

And, after disabling the extraction, you would need to purge the cache of thumbnails that have already been extracted.

You can either delete the whole cache or delete specific entries using the texture cache maintenance utility.

Are you talking about the thumbnails shown after adding TV show episodes to the library or the extracted screenshots in normal file view (without scraping the episodes)?

If it’s the former, this will be addressed with the next update - you’ll be able to hide thumbnails of unwatched episodes in your library. The option for this will be located under the skin settings in the advanced section.
This setting is similar to the Kodi setting to hide plot texts of unwatched episodes.

I think we are talking about the thumbnails shown after adding the TV show episodes to the library. I tried to delete the whole cache, but the images were added again when I opened the individual episodes. I guess this is the scraper fetching them.

It sounds like the next update will solve this. I love the feature that hides the plot text for unwatched episodes. If the same is possible for the thumbnails that would be perfect.

That’s exactly what the option will do :+1:t2: As soon as you’ve watched an episode, the thumbnail will show up again.

I’ll mark this thread as solved :+1:t2:

I have looked in the menus after installing both the July and August updates and have not found this setting. Did this feature make it to release? If so, in what menu can it be found?

It’s to be found under: Settings/Interface/Skin/OSMC skin/Configure skin…/Advanced